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What's in a name?

Huske, as in musk, that deliciously earthy smell found in a lot of perfumes... or like the tusks on the prehistoric Elephant from Ice Age (my son's reference)... Not as in huskie, those Syberian dogs, but we'll accept it- after all, the mats are pet-friendly!

I chose something that embodies protection, of both the interior surfaces of a home and also in the sense of providing support to parents in everyday life. Huske is a derivative of husk, the green tough outer shell of corn. Husks form a kind of robust cocoon but equally, they are very versatile and can be used for many functions beyond their original intended use...quite fitting, if I do say so myself!

I was also very happy to discover that huske in Norweigan means to swing, as in a playground, and in Danish it means to remember fondly or make memories. These encapsulate the core brand intention pretty well. 

The studio element reflects the fact that this project is a creative sandbox, and hopefully, there is even more creativity and some future collaborations in store.

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How we got started...

This product line is my third child of sorts, having come thick and fast after the birth of my second one! And it's been such a joy seeing it come to life. It was developed in response to my own personal painpoint and frustration and it was a treat to see those daily stumbling blocks dissipate once the first prototypes arrived in our home.

I needed the kid's stuff that I am somehow obliged to have to be welcome additions to my home. As author Meaghan B. Murphy puts it

'don't read bedtime stories that you hate'

In my case it would be, don't have kid's things in your home that you can't stand to look at. Or, don't spend your time doing thankless repetitive tasks at the expense of time with your kids, time for yourself (yes, that's a thing?), or... your sanity!

And so the mats were born!

I hope these are the first of many future projects, and that you will join us for the ride!

All the best,

Founder, studio huske

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