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Our Vinyl-Free Promise to You

16 reasons to go vinyl free by studio huske

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Elevating Your Lifestyle: Why Studio Huske Mats Trump Vinyl

Being honest, vinyl was never a viable consideration for huske products. From the outset the intention was always to bring something new and innovative to the market, not just to produce a different version of the status quo, but this time with a different ice-cream print.

Part of that decision was about longevity, aesthetics and robustness. Huske products are intended to serve a long time, and look beautiful in the home, so the quality of the material was central. Beyond the environmental profile of PVC or equally of PU faux-leather, in both production and in the home, there are performance reasons why they would never have measured up. 

studio huske silicone leather is better than vinyl

It's all about context. Vinyl is often used in waterproof products- blow up beach balls, pink pool flamingos, and so on. The difference between using PVC in a product that you use 6 times a year, compared to a play mat you use every day from an early age, which you can eat off of, is substantial. 

In pictures two white t-shirts can look the same. The same is true for splat mats. But we've all experienced the difference between the softness, fit and cut of a well considered premium t-shirt, and also the opposite, one which gives up after a few washes. It's often only in use that we discover the real difference an investment in quality can make. With that in mind, we will try an outline the long-term difference between our silicone leather mats and the vinyl alternative. As with clothing, products which fail early feel cheap or have a limited scope of use end up in landfill much quicker, this is what we are actively trying to work against. 

One decision, to last a long time, for a good time

In the realm of family life, we face daily battles, and the choice of a simple play mat shouldn't be one of them. Vinyl mats are an accessible, low-cost waterproof solution, especially as a splat mat under your high-chair.

Huske play mats are perfect as a splat mat, but also for baby changing, nappy-free time, sensory play, and everything in between. Which means they are designed to be the closest thing to your baby's newborn skin throughout the day. Vinyl mats have long been a staple, but it's time to delve deeper into the environmental narrative. 

We are product designers, but we are parents first. So let's talk about the real issues and why studio huske mats emerge as the design-led, practical play mat.

You spoke, and we listened. Via the chat function on the site we very often get questions from parents who have tried vinyl splat mats and are looking for a better alternative. They've learned the hard way, so let us pass on to you what they have reported to us....

4 vinyl woes to avoid

1. Discoloration 

Vinyl mats on wooden floors often leave a permanent unsightly mark over time. Your elegant hardwoods deserve better- as does your rental deposit! You mat is designed to protect you floor, first and foremost. With huske mats, made from silicone leather, there is no risk of this discoloration, which means your floor can maintain a pristine appearance no matter what.

2. Mould 

Underfloor heating combined with vinyl mats can result in secret mould growth underneath them. This may go undetected for a while. Studio huske mats are heat-proof, so they don't retain any of your floors heat. And they're your anti-microbial daily superhero- ensuring a clean, hygienic surface, and your child's health comes first.

3. Fading 

Ever had a vinyl mat fade away under the sun's gaze after being outside for most of the Summer, or in direct sunlight in the kitchen? Don't worry one bit, because studio Huske mats are fade-proof, and UV-resistant. This means they are ready to withstand the elements and keep your space vibrant. Use them on the balcony, by the pool or in the garden all summer long, and the colour will be the same as when you bought them!

4. Rigidity 

Vinyl mats are rigid and become brittle and can crack over time. They can't be folded or bent so they lack the flexibility and tactile pleasure found in Studio Huske mats. Your child deserves a sensory experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

 at studio huske we go far beyond the basics

4 reasons why huske mats are the better choice

1. Quality 

While vinyl mats might seem like a pocket-friendly choice, they are much lower quality. Studio Huske mats, crafted from premium silicone leather, offer a touch of luxury underfoot. Through a premium feel and robustness we offer sustainabliity through flexibility of use, longevity and joy!

2. Texture

Vinyl mats are flat, bland, and devoid of texture. Studio Huske mats invite your child to explore different surfaces with their textured design, fostering sensory development. 

3. Fold, Shake, Done

Cleaning up after mealtime can be a chore. Studio Huske mats, being foldable and easy to shake, save you from the floor-crawling cleanup dance. Say goodbye to bending over backward for cleanliness.

4. Versatility 

Vinyl mats have a one-track mind – splat protection. Studio Huske mats, on the other hand, have a versatile spirit. Long after the splat mat days, they become your go-to for countless other uses.

 studio huske mats the sustainable solution

5 reasons why silicone leather is the sustainable choice

1. Eco Labels and Certifications

Studio Huske mats proudly bear the Korean Eco Label, a testament to their environmentally friendly production. This label ensures that no harmful solvents are used in the manufacturing process, minimizing the ecological footprint, with no odours or toxins contributing to off-gassing in your home. Moreover, the Oeko-Tex 100/1 certification guarantees the highest standards for a healthier indoor environment.

2. Production

Vinyl mats are often crafted from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a notorious environmental offender. PVC production involves the use of chlorine gas and results in the release of toxic dioxins. Studio Huske mats, on the contrary, distance themselves from this legacy, promoting a cleaner, greener alternative.

3. Phthalates

Vinyl mats frequently contain phthalates, plasticizers known to pose health risks. Phthalates can leach into the air and dust, exposing your family to potential harm. Studio Huske mats adhere to strict standards, guaranteeing a phthalate-free haven for your child's play and ensuring a breath of fresh, clean air.

4. Sourcing

Vinyl mats, being derived from fossil fuels, contribute to our dependence on non-renewable resources. Studio Huske mats, crafted from silicone leather, pivot towards sustainability. Silicone, derived from silica (an abundant natural resource), promises a renewable and eco-friendly alternative.

5. Recycling

Recycling PVC is a challenging feat due to the material's complex composition. Studio Huske mats, designed with a commitment to circularity, embrace recyclability. The end of their lifecycle doesn't mark a trip to the landfill but rather a chance for reincarnation.


studio huske waterproof play mats the sustainable solution

3 Components of our commitment to you

1. The Huske Green Legacy

While vinyl mats contribute to environmental degradation, Studio Huske mats stand as torchbearers for sustainability. The choice between the two isn't merely about protection; it's a commitment to a greener future. Make the sustainable switch and let Studio Huske be your partner in creating a healthier, safer world for the generations to come.

 2. Transparency and Trust

We believe in being upfront about our products. If any brand shies away from disclosing where their product is made, there is a good reason. Sourcing blindly has implications on both a human and environmental level. Studio Huske proudly shouts from the rooftops about our sustainable practices and the origins of our top-notch materials.

3. The Studio Huske Difference

Choosing a play mat isn't just about protection; it's about investing in your child's development and simplifying your daily life. Studio Huske mats go beyond expectations, addressing your pain points and transforming daily battles into victories. Make the switch, and experience the Studio Huske difference – a choice that elevates your lifestyle.


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