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playmats for life | for baby, toddler, and beyond

OEKO-tex 100 certified, Class 1 (baby) • Versatile • Multi-stage • Non-toxic • Vegan leather • 100% Silicone • Baby-safe • Foldable • Wipeable • Waterproof • Stain-resistant • Robust • Textured • Sensory • Soft-touch • Anti-slip • Hypoallergenic • Portable • Lightweight • Easy-care • Sustainably-made in Korea • Designed in Switzerland • Heat-proof • Fade-proof • Laundry-free • Odourless • Indoor/outdoor • Food-safe • Reversible • Premium look + feel • Multifunctional • Tactile • (Almost) Self-cleaning • 100% recyclable • All of the things!*

In fact, lots of the things that most playmats fail on.

*does not fold laundry

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soft-touch, wipeable, travel-friendly, antimicrobial

fabric innovation of waterproof wipeable studio huske vegan leather splat mat for sensory messy indepentant toddler play activities

beautiful + so functional!

The 2-toned pastel colours add beauty to our home without drawing attention, unlike the usual play mats with dangly bits! My 6 year-old took it out as a base for a fort- so great that both my kids can find a use for it. It’s sturdy without being heavy. Kate's so passionate and you can see why- it's aesthetically beautiful but also so functional!

J, C + J, aged 6 & 4 | Zürich, Switzerland

I totally recommend it!

We use ours outdoors for picnics or by the lake- I love how easily we can just shake it, remove the dirt, + fold up compact. The fact that it’s antibacterial relieves the pressure of having to wash off the mess, if I don’t have the energy just then. The finish is very pleasant, lleathery Altogether a great product, I totally recommend it!

P, G + little G, aged 2 | Zürich, Switzerland

super useful and awesome!

I use the big mat on our changing table, it's super easy to wipe down. The small one is in our changing basket in the living room. I've decided to gift one of the big ones to my friends as a baby present, as I think they are super useful & awesome. We're going to see my parents by train this Winter- amazing to have a hygienic crawling mat with me for the journey!

T + little E, newborn | Zürich, Switzerland

our mat saves the day!

When moving from milk to solids with our daughter, we decided to go forward with baby led weaning; and our mat under her chair saves the day! Easy to fold, and cleaning takes no time- you can let it dry by hanging it in the shower :) Now that she started „drawing“ we also cover the table with it! We can actually look forward to getting messy & having fun!

E, J + little E, aged 1 | Zürich, Switzerland

Clara San Millán x studio huske

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