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Having toddlers is like using a blender with the lid off!

If this sounds familiar, you're in the right spot! Insert a time, energy (and sanity) saver into your daily routine! Flexible and mulitstage, the mats can be used for easy travel-friendly baby-changing, under a high-chair, for messy sensory activities, and for outdoor play. No more wasting time on thankless household tasks! Huske foldable, wipeable, waterproof mats are designed to minimize toddler and baby mess problems. Here's the solution to yours!*

*use for 5'100 nappy-changes and for 1'700 mealtimes in the first 24 months!

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from baby changing, milk, to paint and grease

Something to shout about!

Something to shout about!

studio huske was named as one of six of Switzerland's most considered and well-designed children's products by Watson's News, via Watson's Favourites. Lovely to be showcased in such good company too, so many beautiful sustainable kid's labels in the mix. We were also featured in Kleinstadt's annual round up of kid's gift ideas. Furthermore, we're proud to announce that we are partnered with some fantastic stockists, both within Switzerland and far beyond!

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what our customers say

beautiful + so functional! The two-toned pastel colours add beauty to our home without drawing attention. My 6 year-old took it out as a base for her fort. It's so great that both of my kids can find a use for it. It’s sturdy without being heavy. Kate's so passionate, you can see why- it's aesthetically beautiful but also so functional!

J, C + J, aged 6 & 4 | Zürich, CH

I totally recommend it. We use ours outdoors for picnics or down by the lake- I love how easily we can just shake it and remove the dirt, and it folds up compact. The fact that it’s antibacterial relieves the pressure of having to wash off the mess. The finish is very pleasant and leather-like! Altogether a great product, I totally recommend it!

P, G + little G, aged 2 | Zürich, CH

Super useful and awesome! I use the big mat on our changing table, it's super easy to wipe down. I've decided to gift one of the big ones to my friends as a baby present, as I think they are super useful & awesome. We're going to see my parents by train this Winter- amazing to have a hygienic crawling mat with me for the journey!

T + little E, newborn | Zürich, CH

Our mat saves the day! We decided to go forward with baby led weaning; and our mat under her chair saves the day! Easy to fold, and cleaning takes no time- you can let it dry by hanging it in the shower :) Now that she started „drawing“ we also cover the table with it! We can actually look forward to getting messy & having fun!

E, J + little E, aged 1 | Zürich, CH

We take it everywhere! It’s the best mat ever and we take it everywhere. I just find it super compact, it fits into every bag and super easy to clean. We have 3 cats that lick every bit of food my son drops, so I just splash a bit of water on it in the evenings, hang it up and it’s ready for the next day

N + M | Luzern, CH

For your adventures at home and afar, tackling spills, splashes & sensory play

As a splat mat under your high-chair, in your diaper bag for nappy-changing on the go, or mealtimes when they're older. Sit on a damp, sunny patch of a playground. Take it on a hike, or a picnic! If you pack it, you'll find a use for it-or a use will find you! Then toss it in the sink or bath for a speedy turnaround. No machines, no microplastics, no fuss. Never out of action. Folds out of sight and fits easily in a tote or medium sized handbag. In no time at all it'll be an essential and irreplaceable part of your everyday kit!

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Giving parents the gift of time!

The prefect gender neutral gift. What do you get for the kid who has everything? A yes space! Huske mats are yes products- yes to the outdoors, to experimentation, to creativity, to automating and minimising the daily grind. Mats can be combined and support a miriad of play and adventure options. Kids will be kids, and parents will thank you...



Seasonless, timeless, ageless, stageless

Your picnic and play mat for all weather. Pack and play, and explore every possible corner of Switzerland. Fold a mat into your rucksack or nappy bag, and lay on any floor. No matter your reason or the season. Made for lifelong play, and not just for kids!

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Innovative soft textured foldable textile

no vinyl, no pvc, won't crack, folds small

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