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our mission

studio huske wipeable waterproof table mats two toddler brothers chatting in messy high chairs

At studio huske we have made it our mission to build more resilience into everyday parenting. We believe in sensory exploration, independent play, and....well, mess! 

Let's be honest, we have no choice but to believe in mess- it's here to stay!

Our 100% silicone vegan leather mats have a premium look and feel, but their true superpower is in their material performance and open-ended flexibility.

As a parent of toddler two boys, I gradually became frustrated + overwhelmed by the number of poorly-performing or single-stage products in our home. They stress me from a waste and sustainability standpoint, but there's also the emotional labour around deciding how to catalogue, store, donate or dispose of every disused product.

And since we spend more time at home than ever before, our homes need to work for us.....more than we work for our homes! And we need our surroundings to bring some JOY!

Studio huske mats support and enable open-ended independent sensory activities, exploration and imagination. Most importantly, they reduce the work around it! They are robust, wipeable, waterproof, multi-functional, multi-stage, beautiful to look at and soft to the touch.

So they can also take care of the daily 'messes' that belong to child and babyhood! Collicy babies and wriggly nappy-culprits take note!

So from diaper-stage, to baby-led weaning, and on to Montessori sensory activities, they accompany your child from birth throughout childhood, in and outside the home- they even work for grown-up creative projects too... 

We like to think they are
'made for mess and designed for joy!'

We also care about the bigger picture. With the events of the past year, it's safe to say that we have all reached a tipping point with needless over-consumption. We set ourselves the goal of developing a quality, durable + flexible product, thereby by-passing the need to purchase over and over again.

With their newly-patented material innovation studio huske mats not only reduce the production of waste water and microplastics by being wipe-clean + laundry-free, but they also reduce food waste due to their antimicrobial and food-safe properties. 

They are sustainably made in Korea in a medium-sized factory, with a long established reputation for quality and excellence in terms of both production and ethical standards. The fabric is certified under the Korean Eco-label system. And our 100% recyclable packaging ensures minimal waste. These things are important to us! 

To round things up, the 3 key tenants which guide our product development are

  • PERFORMANCE, textile and material innovation 
  • AESTHETICS, practical products can instill JOY!
  • MINIMALISM, we aspire to leave as small a footprint as possible- both for parents, and on a resources level

We celebrate innovation, pragmatisim and colour in the home. Did any of this resonate with you? 

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Alternatively, you can always reach out via the email, or via all the usual social channels- please let us know what you think!
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