As a new, environmentally-friendly material, organic silicone is an important component of many sustainable materials such as, in this case, leather-effect silicone.

Pure silicone is combined with a ultra-fine fiber substrate. It's particularly suitable for baby and children's products as it uses solvent-free technology. Afters years of development work it was first patented by our manufacturer in the Summer of 2020, with the OEKO-TEX 100/1 certified following on the following summer.

It has the advantages of breathability, water resistance, weather resistance, environmental protection, flame resistance, easy cleaning, abrasion resistance, and resistance to twists and turns. 
It has all the visual interest, texture and warmth that we love in leather, and the textile's internal strength is greatly increased due to the outstanding performance of silicone. Simply put, it blows all kinds of ordinary leather out of the water, excusing the pun ;)
Our mats use the same material on both sides, with an antislip treatment on the underside, which has not further chemicals or materials added to it.
The pigment is added at source and it's fade resistant so it won't become discoloured over time.
Our textile is sustainably sourced, produced and manufactured in small batches in South Korea.
It is 100% recyclable- but in practice, with respect for circularity wherever possible, we like to consider it is made to be remade.
More on this to come...