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Gallivant mat restock mid-May. Free shipping worldwide on orders > CHF 125
Gallivant mat restock mid-May. Free shipping worldwide on orders > CHF 125


Unwrapping Gifting Week: A Sustainable Approach to Black Friday Deals in 2023 - studio huske

Unwrapping Gifting Week: A Sustainable Approach to Black Friday Deals in 2023

7 minute read

Rethinking Tradition

Traditionally a U.S.-centered event, Black Friday has morphed into a global phenomenon, transforming from a single day of post-Thanksgiving sales to a week-long shopping extravaganza. However, we've taken the spirit of Black Friday, once tied to in-store madness and frenzied discounts, and attempted to offer a considered alternative. We hope to support an evolvution into a more thoughtful approach to consumerism.

Historically, businesses have marked down prices to the bare minimum, hoping that the sheer volume of sales would compensate for slim profit margins.


This model works well for larger brands with hefty marketing budgets, but it puts smaller independent brands at a significant disadvantage.

Smaller players lack extensive marketing teams and often operate on already thin profit margins. In recent years, a divide has emerged, with sustainable brands choosing to opt-out of the Black Friday race. As a conscious consumer, I resonate with this stance.


However, in life and social media I try to steadfastly adhere to my own compass and beliefs. I really resist the idea that small brands who are trying to become viable should be at a disadvantage. That being said, each brand is free to take their personal path forward. Mindless overconsumption and purchases driven solely by artificially inflated prices, followed by steep discounts, create a cycle that I, and many like-minded individuals, find unsettling. 


We have known from the start that we cannot compete with Dropshippers, cheaper material, or products made en masse in large factories in China.


In the case of studio huske, we are not talking huge numbers of increased sales. But if a valued customer is considering a mat as a gift I chose the last month of the year to give back what I can. 


Toddler painting on the kitchen table on a rainy day using a studio huske roam crafting and activity

In fact last year, I took a firm stand against this trend. However, I am also a consumer. Conversations with my children about Santa's impending visit and discussions with friends about the rising cost of living underscore the reality of holiday expenses.

Balancing the principles of sustainable consumerism with the practicalities of real-life demands a nuanced approach.


Crafting Quality and Reputation

My approach with Studio Huske has always been to create high-quality products, ensuring transparency throughout the production chain. Establishing a reputation as a brand that offers lasting value for the initial investment aligns with our commitment to bringing joy and ease to everyday life for years to come.

In a world where marketing tactics often overshadow product provenance, we stand proud in sharing the origin of our products.

Our manufacturers, with whom we maintain a personal relationship, are central to this narrative. Through open communication, we ensure that the 40 or so staff involved in the production process are connected to the final product.



Young children and toddlers sitting and playing on a studio huske gallivant picnic mat on the beach while on holiday

While our manufacturer's journey began in Asia, supplying renowned brands like Arena and Decartes with swim gear, Studio Huske has introduced their first product to the European market. We are so proud to be expanding their reach while maintaining the high standards that define us.


The longer I'm involved in product development, the more I know that either I pay the real price for something, or behind the scenes someone else does.


Usually those at the bottom of the chain. In exchange for an higher initial cost we ofter premium quality, sustainability through longevity, aesthetics and functionality, and supply chain transparency. If a brand isn't telling you where their product is made, that is already telling you a lot. Or perhaps it's an oversight, if in doubt send an email! ;)

Gifting Week: A Thoughtful Approach

This year, as we approach what is conventionally known as Black Friday, I've decided to reimagine it as Gifting Week. Acknowledging the practicalities of life, especially for customers like myself who receive the last paycheck before Christmas during this week, reframes the approach to holiday shopping.

Rather than a simple price-slashing strategy, we've opted for a more nuanced approach by offering curated gifting bundles.


These bundles not only increase the value of each order but also allow us to retain a bit more margin, against the core overheads, while offering you a premium product at a reduced cost. In essence, you buy a product for yourself and receive an extra one to gift or save for a future occasion, all at a better price.


School child in the swiss mountains using a studio huske foldable wriggle mat to sit and snack on

How It Works


Gifting Bundles

We are unveiling a new product bundle every day leading up to December 1st. Each bundle comprises two products with a standard reduction of 15% off. Additionally, we'll feature five bundles during this period, with featured bundles enjoying an extra 5% off for 24 hours after the email announcement.


Individual Product discounts

For those who prefer individual items, we have a special offer. By sending us your favorite pictures featuring Studio Huske products via email, for every 3 pictures that we select we offer a 10 CHF gift card on any standard order. If you're feeling extra generous, share your pictures and leave a review on our site to save 10% off any order. Share your review on social media and this is automatically increased to 15%.

As a token of our appreciation, all orders over 100CHF between 17.11 and 01.12.23 will receive a bonus LOQI bag with our custom illustration—a little something to keep or share.


Studio huske lilac Gallivant picnic mats

Embracing Community

A notable change you might have observed is our Instagram profile, now labeled 'community' instead of 'brand.' This is intentional and serves to acknowledge the pivotal role our customers play in building the Studio Huske brand. Every share, direct message, friend-to-friend recommendation, and repeat purchase contributes to the vibrant community we've become.

Adhering to what I call the Patagonia Principle, we deliver products of the highest quality, products that you are proud to associate with and can rely on for years.


While we are offering deals during this Black Friday period, rest assured that it's a customer-focused approach we take seriously.

In closing, I hope you find value in our Gifting Week offers. Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter to receive the daily offer in your inbox. Feel free to forward them to a friend. And, even if you choose not to partake, I extend my sincere gratitude for your ongoing support.

Thank you,

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About the author

Kate is owner and founder of studio huske, a swiss-based kids interior-products brand which is dedicated to developing premium quality, phase-less. genderless, robust, wipeable children's products. The range celebrates texture and colour and textiles which appeal to both the adult and the child's eye alike. Produced sustainably in small batches in Korea, the vegan leather textile used is OEKOtex 100 certified and has a Korean eco label. Studio huske products are intended to be a daily support in the lives of both parents and children. Designed by an architect mother for her own kids- by parents for parents.


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