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Free shipping worldwide on orders > CHF 125


Studio huske x TWINT Pay Later! - studio huske

Studio huske x TWINT Pay Later!

As you may be aware, we offer 60 days returns on new, unused studio huske products. Which means, you can take a good look at the textile, and the colour and shape in your space, and make a personal assessment as to whether it's the right fit for your needs and lifestyle. Ultimately this may mean that we encounter more returns, but we feel it serves our customers first and foremost, which is our top priority. The 60 day window also means that as a busy parent you don't feel the pressure of a looming deadline to get to the post office.

studio huske buy now pay later twint payment


So, in short...

The key reason is, we are committed to promoting sustainable, responsible shopping habits.

studio huske buy now pay later twint payment


Which is why we're excited to introduce a game-changing feature that will transform your online shopping experience—TWINT Pay Later!

Apart from allowing you to juggle your finances til pay-day, it also means you can return goods if necessary without ever seeing the money leave your account. 

studio huske buy now pay later twint payment

Our entire mission is to put the right goods in the hands that can actually use them, for the long haul, and we are accutely aware that since it is a premium, innovative, high-performance, technical textile, it costs more than cheaper less-performative or flexible options, such a vinyl, for example. 

studio huske buy now pay later twint payment


Order, Receive, Inspect, Decide, Pay Later

In partnership with Swissbilling SA, TWINT now offers you the flexibility to pay for your purchases in selected online shops at a later date. Here's why you'll love this new payment option:

Your Pay Later Benefits

  1. More Relaxed Shopping: With the "Pay later" function, you can review your purchases at home before making a payment, ensuring you're completely satisfied.
  2. Greater Flexibility: You have up to 30 days to pay for your purchases, giving you the freedom to choose the best time for you.
  3. Automated Payments: Activate automated payments in the TWINT app to have the purchase amount deducted from your account when it's due, reducing the need for reminders.
  4. Transparency and Overview: Enjoy a clear overview of all your outstanding payments with no hidden fees.
  5. Paperless and Convenient: Similar to purchasing on account, but entirely digital and modern.
  6. Simple Checkout: Using TWINT to pay in online shops remains as straightforward as ever. You decide when you want to settle your purchase during checkout.

studio huske buy now pay later twint payment

How to Use the "Pay Later" Function

Using the "Pay later" function with TWINT is as easy as you're used to with the TWINT app:

  1. When making an online purchase, select TWINT as your payment method at checkout.
  2. If the online shop offers the "Pay later" option, decide whether you want to pay immediately or within 30 days.
  3. Complete your purchase effortlessly, just like with instant TWINT payments, while gaining the flexibility to pay later.

Good to Know: The "Pay later" function is entirely free for you as a buyer.

studio huske buy now pay later twint payment

Payment Made Easier

  1. If you're shopping in an online store that offers the "Pay later" option, select it in your TWINT app during checkout.
  2. If it's your first time using this feature, the TWINT app will guide you through two quick registration steps with Swissbilling SA.
  3. After your purchase, you can choose to activate automated payments, ensuring the purchase amount is deducted from your TWINT account when due. Please ensure your account has sufficient funds on that date.
  4. If automated payments are not activated, you'll receive a reminder a few days before the due date.
  5. To receive notifications, activate push notifications for the TWINT app on your smartphone.

studio huske buy now pay later twint payment-6

What Is the Pay Later Portal?

The Pay later portal, managed by our partner Swissbilling, offers you a comprehensive overview of your open and closed payments made using the "Pay later" function. Here, you can initiate payments manually, activate or deactivate automated payments, and access additional options.

Accessing the Pay later portal is simple:

  1. Open the TWINT prepaid app.
  2. Tap the three dots or lines in the top-right or top-left corner.
  3. Select "Pay later" under "Payment settings."
  4. Click "To the portal."

studio huske buy now pay later twint payment-6

Requirements to Use "Pay Later" with TWINT

  • You must be 18 or older.
  • You should be a resident of Switzerland.
  • This payment option is available only if the respective online shop offers it.
  • Our partner, Swissbilling SA, may conduct additional checks, including a credit rating check.
  • Additional conditions may apply if you use a different TWINT app than the prepaid app.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the "Pay later" function? Check out the FAQ section for answers to common queries.

Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of TWINT Pay Later for your online shopping. We're here to make your shopping experience as effortless as possible.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Happy shopping!

Best regards,


Owner/Founder, studio huske


Photocredits, with huge thanks:

Judee Schleifer, Three Little Lions

Debbie Hitz, Herzgeweckt

Janne, Game of Toddlers

Scarlett Steiner

Ella Lacey Photography



About the author

Kate is owner and founder of studio huske, a swiss-based kids interior-products brand which is dedicated to developing premium quality, phase-less. genderless, robust, wipeable children's products. The range celebrates texture and colour and textiles which appeal to both the adult and the child's eye alike. Produced sustainably in small batches in Korea, the vegan leather textile used is OEKOtex 100 certified and has a Korean eco label. Studio huske products are intended to be a daily support in the lives of both parents and children. Designed by an architect mother for her own kids- by parents for parents.


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