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Free shipping worldwide on orders > CHF 125


Sustainability at Its Core: Eliminating Waste and Embracing Imperfections - studio huske

Sustainability at Its Core: Eliminating Waste and Embracing Imperfections

To purchase Outlet Products please take a look at the individual product pages for availability. In the meantime, here's a bit of the backstory and ethos behind the Outlet Section.

Minimising waste is a way of life

In a world increasingly conscious of environmental impact, sustainability has become more than just a buzzword; it's a way of life. As a brand we aspire to be known for our commitment to eco-friendliness and innovation. We are taking this ethos to heart by redefining the concept of perfection. We are committed to exploring how to eliminate waste and celebrate minor defects while offering you eco-friendly, functional, and stylish solutions.


studio huske outlet mats with minor defects

The Imperfections That Matter

We feel that perfection can sometimes be overrated. In the pursuit of creating the finest products, minor defects can occur – a tiny blemish here or a slight irregularity there. Rather than discarding these mats as waste, we embrace these imperfections as a testament to our commitment to sustainability.

Vier Augen Prinzip at its best

Our products are manufactured and prepared for shipping in South Korea. The textile is relatively newly patented, so the product development, production and quality standards are being developed and fine tuned together in tandem.

When the shipment arrives in Switzerland they are unpacked and there is a round of quality control carried out on each mat by our diligent team at the Stiftung Züriwerk.  In accordance with swiss attention to detail and the high quality standards we have come to expect, any minor flaw is identified and catalogued. True vier Augen Prinzip at its best! The team runs each decision by me and ensures that nothing slips though the net. That's how the Outlet section came to be. With each subsequent delivery the team in Korea has really outdone themselves, so the Outlet portion is ever diminishing, which is a true testament to their commitment. And I must add, that I'm incredibly grateful to work with such engaged production partners. 

studio huske outlet mats with minor defects

In the case of outlet mats, we offer you 25% off the RRP of the standard product. 

studio huske outlet mats with minor defects


These minor defects, often barely noticeable, don't compromise the functionality of the mats. In fact, they add character and uniqueness to each piece. These 'imperfections' tell a story – a story of sustainable manufacturing and a dedication to reducing waste.

We cannot possibly document each individual defect, but these photos show demonstrate what counts for us as a flaw, to give you a sense of the scale of the issue. 

studio huske outlet mats with minor defects

Review your purchase

Outlet mats are not covered by the 2 year performance guarantee. With this in mind, you will have the standard 60 days to inspect your mat and return it unused for a full refund. In the case of outlet mat returns, the return shipping cost is at the buyer's expense. 

studio huske outlet mats with minor defects

Reducing Environmental Footprint

By salvaging mats with minor defects, we significantly reduce our environmental footprint. Instead of sending these mats to landfill, we gives them a new lease on life. This process aligns with the principles of a circular economy, where waste is minimized, and resources are maximized.


studio huske outlet mats with minor defects

The Value of Sustainability

Sustainability is not just a trend; it's a value that defines a generation. Our outlet mats embody this value. By choosing these mats, you're making a conscious decision to support a brand that prioritizes the planet over perfection. You're contributing to a more sustainable future, one mat at a time. It's a small step that collectively leads to significant change.


studio huske outlet mats with minor defects

Make your statement today – one mat at a time.

Join the movement.

Choose sustainability.

Choose Studio Huske.

Note: The availability of mats with minor defects may vary, so be sure to check each Product page for current offerings.


About the author

Kate is owner and founder of studio huske, a swiss-based kids interior-products brand which is dedicated to developing premium quality, phase-less. genderless, robust, wipeable children's products. The range celebrates texture and colour and textiles which appeal to both the adult and the child's eye alike. Produced sustainably in small batches in Korea, the vegan leather textile used is OEKOtex 100 certified and has a Korean eco label. Studio huske products are intended to be a daily support in the lives of both parents and children. Designed by an architect mother for her own kids- by parents for parents.


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