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Gallivant mat restock mid-May. Free shipping worldwide on orders > CHF 125


Ikea Kura Sibling Bed Hack and DIY- Plans with Dimensions (cm/in)- Print

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When my boys were 2 and 4 we moved house so it was an opportunity to reimagine their bedroom, which is the primary play space. My youngest was transitioning out of his cot and my eldest had decidedly outgrown his 3-sided converted toddler bed.

I knew that I wanted a long term solution that would offer increased floor space, hidden storage and various configurations. In the end I settled on the IKEA Kura bunk bed, in combination with the untreated La Redoute Yann bed. This is very significantly reduced on sale. So in combination with a second hand Kura bed, this whole bedroom suite was very cost-effective for the quality. 

The Kura offered me some reassurance because it wasn't as high as a standard bunk, so it felt safer for my youngest. I like that it has a natural wood tone and is easily available on the second hand market, making it both affordable and also possible to resell if we so choose later down the line. People have asked me about the quality, and as with all IKEA furniture, it depends on the assembly. We used a drill, and I would highly recommend that.

We opted to remove the white panels, for a lighter, more minimal look. We added wooden panels above for safety but also to add dimension to the space. We added a wooden climbing wall on the far end to make the access easier and to free up the ladder area on the Kura. I found it difficult to plan the space without having the accurate dimensions, so I prepared this PDF to help others. There are two options, a simple one of the Kura bed and then a separate PDF available for the wooden panels.

For the wooden pieces I sketched out what I needed and had my local Coop Bau & Hobby (Swiss DIY store) cut them for me. Most DIY stores, also Jumbo for example, offer this service for free, so I only have to take care of the assembly. For that I use our 15 year old chordless Dewalt power drill.

The drawings are accurate +/- 50mm. Have fun and do send me your designs if you do your own Kura hack!

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Digital Product

You will receive an email with a .ZIP File link upon purchase