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Gallivant mat restock mid-May. Free shipping worldwide on orders > CHF 125


Duplo Block Abstract Kid's Posters - studio huske

Duplo Block Abstract Kid's Posters

The two modular toys my sons play with the most are Lego Duplo and Playmobil. Over the Summer I set out to make a 'build book' of Duplo abstract figures, to engage them in guided play with their favourite 'tools'. It was a hit.

Since they liked the figures and began to create their own, I decided to hang a few as posters in their room. So I printed them with Wir Machen Druck in Switzerland. I printed to to fit a 500 x 700 wooden frame, purchased at Jumbo, on 250g matt paper. This services allow you to print various prints in one print order, so the pricing is excellent for the quality.

Once I started showing this on our Instagram channel @studio.huske, a few requests came in for digital downloads. So here they are, the price is nominally set at a 'buy me a coffee' price point, so thanks in advance for any purchases. It's a nice sub-project for me as the physical product development process is slow, nuanced and expensive. So this is a nice low-barrier to entry creative endeavor.

The first 3 I printed were immediately christened 'The Fox' and 'The Camel'. The fruit was inspired by the iconic apple and pear print, 'Tre, La Mela e La Pera', designed by Enzo Mari. 

Please note that the prints show scuffs and scratches on our much used second-hand blocks, and the occasional remanent of a snack or two :) This is deliberate, as I feel it adds texture and depth, patina and memory to the prints. 

I love the results. This is a mini passion project, I'm sure there will be future iterations. Please do respect the copyright, and more importantly- happy printing!


Digital Downloads of the posters are available here. 



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